to prove that people respond ;)

3 jobs I have had in my life:
1. Elementary school janitor
2. Fabric Store Sales Associate
3. REI Sales Associate

3 places I have lived:
1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
2. Salt Lake City, Utah
3. Huntington Beach, California

3 TV Shows that I watch:
1. Samurai Champloo
2. Doctor Who (the new one)
3. South Park

3 places I have been:
1. Zagreb, Croatia
2. British Columbia, Canada
3. Liechtenstein

3 People who e-mail me regularly
1. Leslie
2. Ben
3. Byron

3 of my favorite foods:
1. Cheese
2. Soup
3. Bread

3 Places I'd rather be right now:
1. London, England
2. Backpacking anywhere...maybe Moab
3. right here on the couch

3 friends I think will respond:
1. caefus
2. morganya
3. ?

3 Things I am looking forward to this year:
1. Finishing my degree
2. moving
3. starting a new job.

Is that? Is that an entry from Darthabsinthe?

Oh indeedy rare and elusive lj friends, you have stumbled upon my newest live journal entry. It has been a while. Things are going well here in the Fort. I've got a newish job that means that I make more money but have more responsibility. I'm still waiting for official word on the Grand Junction archaeology job. It has been said that I shall have it, but I am still waiting for that news in writing.

The thesis is going slow. I need to spend more time in the lab, but I am feeling a bit burned out. Any inspiration out there, internet, that could help me get through the doldrums of the last semester of grad school? My thesis is on skeletal trauma from an insane asylum! How could I not find that interesting?


So on a scale from 1 to 10 how wrong is it that I laughed out loud when I went on and saw a picture of Paris Hilton crying because she had to go back to jail for 45 days. No really, I want to know.

Also of noteworthy news: my trailer ran out of propane yesterday. Wouldn't seem so bad except it got below 20 degrees last night and I slept in my down coat and down comforter. It's all full up now. We also had about 4 inches of snow up in North Park. Hard to see things on your tour of the area when they are covered in snow.

Hahahaha...PARIS IS IN JAIL!111!!eleventy!
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Initial Impressions

Well, things are going pretty good here in Kremmling, Colorado. At first, I was worried because some parts of the town itself look like they could use some TLC, but the area around here is spectacular. It reminds me a bit of the area around Strawberry Reservoir in Utah--high country with lots of sagebrush over the mountains. Not minutes away you enter into piney forests and the Upper Colorado River. I’d really like to learn to kayak and play on some of the easier parts.

As far as the staff in the office goes, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Some offices have those folks that are pretty resentful and maybe should have retired 5 or so years ago, but not so much here. People are enthusiastic about the resources they work with and while there may be professional differences of opinion, I haven’t noted any poisonous attitudes. My immediate supervisor, Frank, is a real hoot. He’s really quite liberal and open minded and has a wealth of stories from where to pick the best morel mushrooms to cultural resource work in the southwest. I really like him and get along well with him. Folks here seem pretty friendly and want to involve you in the community which is quite a different attitude than say, Vernal, Utah where it’s harder to get into the community if you are not religiously affiliated appropriately.

I live in a motorhome trailer on the northwest side of town and right outside my door (because Frank put me in the best spot) I have a view of the Kremmling cliffs and not 20 feet away is Muddy Creek. There are beavers in the creek and some evenings after work I see them swimming about and hear their splashes as they smack their tails on the water. It’s nice to sit out there after work.

Work has been fine. Mostly I’m working 10 hours each, but that can be trying in the office. I have had one field day and that went well and I GPS a big portion of a hiking trail in a nearby canyon.

OMG! A Post!

I'm not dead, yet! I feel happy!

So, it really has been quite a while since I have updated this thing, but it is not for lack of trying, I'll tell you that. This has been a rather busy year and my busy summer is just about to begin.

Bad News: My older neighbor, yeah, the one that never says “hi” back when I'm nice to him, might have very well have keyed my car the other day because I was parking in a spot where he usually parks. But since we don't have assigned parking spots, I (or rather Adam) thought it would be fair game. When I'm as old as him (say 60ish or so), I hope that I one day end up keying the cars of neighbors that dug me out of the snow during bad snowstorms. That would be awesome. Oh wait, nope, that would indeed show just what a sad asshat I would have become. Of course, we can't prove anything, so we'll just suck it up. Thankfully, the car is 10, so no big deal, if it doesn't rust.

I finished this semester out finally and did well on grades. I'll be graduating next May. It's nice to be done with this semester. Adam will be finishing up his thesis this July which will then place this sentence in the good news column. I also picked up some reading for the summer which includes:

War and Peace – Tolstoy
O Pioneers! - Willa Cather
My Antonia – Willa Cather
Common Sense – Paine
Capital – Karl Marx
Communist Manifesto – Marx and Engels
Discipline and Punish – M. Foucault
Madness and Civilization – M. Foucault
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court – Twain
and other random books as time permits.

Books read so far in summer '07:
Death comes for the Archbishop – Willa Cather
The Worst Hard Time – Timothy Egan

Good News:
I got offered a SCEP (Student trainee) archaeological position with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management – It's like the Forest Service, only no Smokey Bear or trees.) in Kremmling, Colorado (about an hour from Steamboat Springs on US40). It's cool because I'll be making twice what I am at REI and the BLM will pay for my tuition in the Fall and Spring and I'll be getting the full-time federal health, retirement and life insurance benefits, even while I'm in school. I will work for them this summer and then upon graduation will get a permanent job (if I want it) doing archaeology for them. These positions are few and far between, so I'm feeling rather lucky. I will be living in a trailer park, in a new FEMA trailer, reading my books and learning the banjo. Oh yeah, that's right, I said banjo. I'm sure many stories will ensue, and I'll try to be better about sharing all the details of my mundane life with you, right stay tuned!

This job is what I've wanted to do for many years now and I think the break from school will be a good thing. If I go back to get a PhD, it will probably concern homesteads here in Colorado and would involve collecting oral histories and comparing them to the archaeology. Right now though, I just want to start paying off some student loans. Academic life can be a bit vampiric and affected at times...most times.
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Summer Reading List!

Hey All, It's finally time for some recreational reading. Can you recommend any great books that you think I should read this summer (maybe tell me the genre or a small synopsis also)? I'm all ears!

So far I'm going to read:

Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury (reread)
The Blind Assassin - Margaret Atwood
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

Look...I totally need much more than this!
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The Praire is a High and Lonely Place

A big hola to all my LJ buddies out there! I've finally finished with finals and am willing and waiting to rejoin the world. Grades get posted tomorrow, so I'm a bit apprehensive about that, but will probably do fine. I've started my work as an archaeology technician out here and have spent the last few days out here in the short grass praire. So, plains or the praire is an entirely new ecotone for me and I'm not going to lie, it's a bit monotonous. The topography is few and far between and all trees out there have actually been planted or are along a water feature. Yesterday we surveyed some prairedog towns that were wiped out by the BUBONIC PLAGUE!!! How cool is that?! I secretly hope that I acquire some buboes because that would be really hardcore. I also took a big bite and several licks off of a salt lick... Today we visited some old homesteads that had been abandoned and I found a new favorite artifact: cisterns.

Cisterns are really cool. They are these old inverted bell-shaped cement containers that were used to store water during the early twentieth century. Now they are full of all sorts of fun things like rattlesnakes, old oil drums, cows, water, unknown murk, etc. It would be great full to be lowered into them and do some sort of excavation down there as all cool things are often tossed into cisterns and privies.

The praire is high, lonely and topographically monotonous and brash. It will be interesting to see how my experiences go!

A long awaited update.

It's always a pleasure to hop onto livejournal and see the fabulous ongoings that constitute the lives of my friends. It's always like a pleasant surprise unlike myspace which at it's current seconds always sends me an email like "OMG SOMEONE LOOKED AT YOUR PROFILE!" okay, maybe they are more like, "somebody posted a comment or blog" but I feel that the website is constantly seeking my attention in a hungry soul-sucking leech sort of way.

School goes and goes, I definitely need to get on my studying shoes since I've got several papers due soon (one next week and one in the middle of may) but I'm loving it. School's been amusing and I've really liked getting to know the folks here in my anthropology cohort and the craziness that makes up their lives. You'd think that studying people in their multitudes of environments would make you rather non-dramatic in and of itself, it doesn't.

Current dilemmas include: What should I do this summer...this is a big one. I'm considering several options: 1. Stay in Colorado - which pretty much entails me somehow getting a job in addition to my current retail job with a certain outdoorsy company, which I absolutely love and they love me back. Also they offer me full health insurance benefits for part-time non-commissioned work which I feel is the ultimate proof of official business love of an employee. I don't want to risk loosing the perqs of this job, not too mention I'd like to go back to it in the fall. Also in Colorado I would take up Bikram Yoga and also try to find some freetime to hike around with folks like "ljuser=chrissina" and "ljuser=baineasag" and maybe climb a few fourteeners. 2. Go to my beloved po-dunk Vernal and all it's Bumpkin glory. It's full of friends (including one from CSU), good memories, fabulous places, carefree summers and increased pay-checkage. All good things. This is my current dilemma that is most important.

A dilemma more close to home = which flavor of popsicle should I have? Lime or Grape? This will soon be solved.

"ljuser=jojiggapo", Thanks for the update, I need to get off my ass and call you. Do you still have the same number? I do.

Yesterday, Adam and I (after a bit of a tiff) went hiking up a local hill/mountain called Horsetooth. It was nice and I'm not even sore today. We spied some beautiful purple fuzzy flowers that I've decided to call Fuzzywhumpkins...because that name is classic. Someday I'll actually know what they are.

Ca suffice?
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